Does Work Really Have to be Hard?

I’ve changed my beliefs around hard work. I used to believe that work had to be hard and that you simply couldn’t succeed without lots of blood, sweat and tears. In my adult life, the primary source of stress was work. It has only occurred to me recently that I was in the wrong line of work.

You see and hear about so many quotes that hard work is the secret to success. This is only true if you’re applying the hard work to something that you’re passionate about. Hard work in an environment that is not aligned with your talents and strengths is trouble. For years I slogged away in a business that I didn’t enjoy, thinking that all the effort would pay off. It didn’t. And I landed up with a lifelong illness.

What I’ve learnt in this time off, and in recovery, is that work doesn’t have to be so hard. If we do what we love doing, success will follow. And we can work hard at it but it won’t feel like work because it’s what we love doing.


I used to be snobby about people who don’t have full time jobs. I used to look down on the school mothers who did these piecemeal bits of work around the school schedule. I used to think I had a ‘real job’. I used to feel superior as a business owner and managing director. And now, a job in the corporate world for me seems so wrong. Not for everyone, just for me. I can’t see myself in a cubicle ever again. And I think those mothers are really smart. They have molded their work around family and achieved a wonderful balance in doing so.

I’m so happy in my sanctuary at home, writing, working on my projects and having meetings in coffee shops with prospective partners that may or may not be friends. In some ways the boundaries between friendship and work have blurred and that’s a good thing. I’m making my own opportunities and I’m enjoying the great flexibility and freedom that comes with part time work.

I really subscribe to believing in abundance.  I think there are more than enough opportunities around if we are open to receiving and noticing them. I believe that there is enough money to be made in using the talents you possess.

I am so excited about my book coming out soon. I’m choosing covers at the moment and I can hardly contain my excitement. When I was editing my book last week, I felt so happy I actually skipped to my car. Yes, skipped.

I’m relishing the joy of being on the right path, doing the right work. It makes me a happy person and I feel more in love with my family than ever before.  I’m happy to be able to spend more time with my children, having the flexibility and I’m sure I’ll be able to earn enough income to live a good life. I have no idea what is ahead of this book but I’m on the path and I trust that it will become clear to me at the right time.

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I am a champion for living your passion. Writing is my passion, my destiny and my calling. I am a mother of two beautiful daughters and a wife and live in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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