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I’ve just finished a wonderful book by Ayse Birsel called Design the Life You Love. It is the perfect book for me at this stage of my life. I’m mostly recovered from my stress-induced thyroid episode and adrenal collapse. So it’s time for me to start figuring out a path for the future.


The book contains a bunch of strategies to evaluate what’s important and to construct a life that you love. I must be clear that I do love my current life but I just need a source of income that doesn’t deplete me. In fact, this is occupying my thoughts every day. Of course it’s easy to fill my day with things that are fun but I  need a greater purpose.

Without giving away too much I’d like to share one of the strategies that was really fun for me. The author suggests writing a life manifesto. Take a look at the one she references in her book: looks like this, for now anyway:

Wake up early. Enjoy the peace before it starts.

Have fun. Seek out experiences for sheer enjoyment.

Nurture relationships. It’s social connections that are the secret to happiness.

Meditate. Actively make time for mindfulness.

Avoid toxic people and situations. Surround yourself with supportive people.

Chill out. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Write. Often.

Expect everything to turn out OK. Especially in times of adversity.

Be creative. Make time for creating things.

Focus on what you love doing. The money will follow.

Practice gratitude weekly.

Keep learning. From as many sources as possible, good and bad.

Prioritise Self-Care.

Know Yourself and love yourself. Just as you are.

Be authentic. Be true to yourself.

I think it’s infinitely important to live your life on purpose. There are many people drifting through life, merely reacting to everything that happens to them. And being unhappy about it.

Even though my life is pretty good, I still want to be the one at the steering wheel. I understand that I need to take some action steps to change my life if I want it to be different. I’m using tools, reading articles and books on the subject, and seeking help from coaches.


I know that I don’t need to know what the destination looks like, just the departure point. When I die I want to know that I designed my life and that I lived the life I love as much as was possible.

What is your life manifesto? Are you at the steering wheel or are you rattling around in the back seat, complaining?

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