I can’t quite remember how I found Andrea Scher and her Superhero Life blog. She believes in dreaming big and has developed a six week course, amongst others called Mondo Beyondo to help you bring your dreams into reality. I haven’t signed up yet but it is something I’m really interested in.


I’ve come a long way on this recovery journey. A year ago I was feeling terrible and confused as to what was happening to me. I was working at home, trying to run a business remotely. And today my health is much improved. I’m not 100% and I don’t have capacity for a full day’s work yet, but I’m pretty close.

And I’ve come a long way in my career journey also. I learned that my business was not aligned with my passion. I discovered that I love writing and that I’d like to do some public speaking in the future. I believe in building a meaningful life that is not just about paying the bills and merely ‘existing’. I want to thrive. And I believe that everyone can.

The trouble is, I’m still not that sure what I should be pursuing in order to obtain income. Elizabeth Gilbert’s recent Facebook post talks about the difference between a hobby, job, career and vocation. OK, so I’m fine with writing being a vocation or a calling and I understand that it can’t pay the bills, at least now anyway. The difficulty I face is that I’m depleted from stress. It’s not viable for me to just get a job that I hate to pay the bills. That will leave me more depleted and I’ll never get well. If I could find a job that I love, great. But I’m not even sure where to look.

One of the things I enjoyed most as a business owner was the networking with other entrepreneurs. I love meeting people who are passionate enough about something to build a business on it. It’s fascinating to hear their stories, especially about the obstacles they faced and how they nearly gave up. I enjoy many things and that can be problematic because I’m not that sure where to focus.

I recently discovered this TED talk by Emilie Wapnick on being a multipotentialite. I don’t know if I’m a multipotentialite or not but I am interested in a lot of things. I think my strengths of focus and discipline mean that I like to specialise. I can see that many people are under social pressure to pick a job or career and stick with it. It seems that would be a tragedy for the multipotentialite. Not only are they at their best when using the knowledge that they have gained in multiple disciplines but they are able to solve complex problems as Emilie explains.

I’ve noticed that I really enjoy bringing two things together in a blog post. Some of my favourite ones I’ve written do just that. Most things we can think of have been done. Many innovations are about putting things together in a new way.


So I’m putting all of this together and applying it to me. I have hobbies that will never become work or are very unlikely to generate any income at all. These are things like mosiac and crochet. I used to have a job and a career. I started with the trade of Business Analyst in software development and progressed into Programme Manager. Then I left the corporate world and became a business owner and Managing Director. In a field that I didn’t love and with a number of other factors, it caused a stress burnout with lifelong consequences.

So now I don’t have a job or a career. But I have a vocation. I am called to be a writer and I’ll always write, even if I don’t make any real money out of it. So what to do about the job and career part? I’m scared to jump into something that I will have to quit because it depletes me. I’m scared of letting people down, again.

But at least I know where to focus my attention and I’m thinking about how to combine two or more of my interests together. I’ve booked a workshop and contacted a coach in order to obtain some guidance as to how to convert my skills and strengths into income. This morning I did a mondo beyondo exercise promoted by Andrea Scher: write for fifteen minutes about all the amazing, crazy big dreams you have with no censorship or limitations. I’m amazed about what ideas emerged. It’s too soon to share but I think I have some new dreams emerging…

Are you clear on what your hobbies are and how they differ from your work? Have you found your vocation?

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I am a champion for living your passion. Writing is my passion, my destiny and my calling. I am a mother of two beautiful daughters and a wife and live in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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