I’m Reaching a New Normal

Things are changing for me at the moment. My functional medicine doctor has confirmed that my health is improving. My third infection has finally disappeared, I need fewer medications and I must now reduce the frequency of check ups to him. It is also time for me to return to my endocrinologist for validation of the improvement in the form of blood tests.


I have healed my hernia with homeopathic medicines and biokinetics. I am very pleased with this achievement as I avoided surgery which would not have been good for my health. Inflammation is to be avoided as much as possible when you have an autoimmune disease, not to mention the risks and recovery time associated with surgery. Now, I’m working on strengthening some of my back muscles so that my shoulders do not compensate. In that way, I’m removing the last area of inflammation in my body.

My intestinal tract also appears to be healed from my strict diet. My doctor says that it may be possible to reintroduce some foods into my diet soon which would improve my quality of life a great deal. It has been difficult to maintain a diet of green smoothies, bone broths, no gluten, alcohol, caffeine and limited dairy. But it has helped me to heal.

I have also been working on my new career, looking for opportunities and spreading the word. I have new business cards which I am distributing far and wide. I am hoping to co-author a book with a friend, conduct workshops and talks at corporate organisations and follow through on my quest to teach people about burnout.

In the last week, my calendar started filling up. I have had some fun meetings in the past week that fill me with hope about my future. My book will also require a lot of time and effort over the next few months so I need to make space for it. I will need to gain a lot of knowledge around launching and marketing a book.

I am still repairing my body from not being active and I’m trying to gain some strength and fitness. In doing that, however, I expend quite a bit of energy. On days where I exert myself a lot which means a long walk, by the way, I need to sleep in the afternoon. That means I’ve spent two hours exercising and recovering, which takes time from my work.


I also need time for my family and to keep up with show and tell, library books, dress up, charity initiatives, heritage day eats and the range of things schools expect from us. It is difficult to adjust to a new state of normal. In time as my body becomes more accustomed to exercise I will no longer require the afternoon naps and I will reach yet another level of recovery.

It is difficult, however, to gauge just how much I can take on. I don’t want to turn down opportunities but I also need time to recover from stressful events and the increased exercise. My husband is away this week and I have had some meetings and a speech to deliver. I am learning how to schedule time for recovery from stressful periods. I don’t want my health to slip backwards but I am ready to take on more. It is a really exciting time for me and I do feel full of hope for the future.

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