One Chance?

I watched a lovely movie this week called One Chance. It’s a true sorry about the discovery of unlikely opera star, Paul Potts. From a child he had an unrelenting talent for singing and he always knew that opera was his destiny. At one point in the movie he suffers a setback in his journey when he gets criticism for lacking confidence. He almost gives up and tries to live the life his father wants for him but it’s no use, the passion is too strong.

I’ve been thinking about how hard it is to remain focussed on your destiny in the face of rejection or doubt. I am mainly focussed on recovery now but I cannot ignore the fact that I have no income. I have resigned from my business in order to spend more time recovering. I can’t embark on something new when I only have a few hours a day to dedicate to it. I’m pretty much an all or nothing person and I’m not very good at half measures. If I can’t run ultra-marathons, I probably wont run at all. I’ll throw myself into something that I can really succeed at but only once I can. In the interim I need to focus all of my attention on getting well and getting enough rest. It is hard, however, not to worry about how I will make money out of my talent and whether I’ll have to sell out and get a dreaded job again.

The movie ends with Paul Potts being selected from Britain’s Got Talent and ultimately winning the competition. After a lifetime of struggles he is finally living his destiny, proving all the naysayers wrong. When changing career paths, I think it is vitally important to remember stories like this. As if it’s not enough that we battle our own inner critic on a daily basis, but there are plenty of people out there ready to give us a plethora of reasons why not to follow our dreams. It is only your true friends who believe in you despite the interim setbacks on the way to your dream.

Watch the Paul Potts first audition by clicking here. I love how he is so unassuming, the very thing he was criticised for when he almost lost hope. I think his humility is part of his charm. There is a lesson in that for all of us – being true to ourselves and persisting to bring the passion that lives within us to life.

What dreams have you given up on? What passions are you yet to bring to the world?

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