We all know people who never achieved much despite great potential within them. I can think of two people I know who are highly intelligent and talented but they haven’t really done anything with their lives. I often wonder what stopped them from achieving their best.


I know that I’m not equipped to judge the success of others and maybe my metrics don’t align with theirs. I’ll focus on my own definition of success, which is changing by the way. I used to think that success meant wealth but it’s way more than that now. It’s about making a difference, affecting the world in a positive way and about love.

It is my aim to bring out all or at least most of my potential so that I can maximize  my life satisfaction. I’m about halfway through my life and my career, and I want the second half to be fulfilling. I want to create a life that I don’t regret. I want to feel content that I invested my time and energy on the right things. And perhaps it takes a midlife crisis, a spiritual awakening or a chronic illness as a catalyst to change.

I do have a fear that I’ll never amount to much and that I’ve already been the most successful I’ll ever be. With my old definition of success then maybe my success is behind me. But if success means contribution to the world or making a difference then hopefully my greatest success is ahead of me.

I always felt as a runner that I could do better. I thought that I’d apply myself and do a lot of speed and hill training when my children were older. And now I don’t think my health could hold up to a slow jog. I had the patience and I thought that one day I’ll show people that I do have the capacity to run well. And now that chance is gone. I thought that I had time and I thought that my body could withstand the stress I put myself under.


So now, without delay, I focus on creating a life that is meaningful. I’m open to making money from a variety of sources and I’ll welcome opportunities that come my way. Of course, I want to write books, articles and my beloved blog. I want to do public speaking on the topic of my book: Avoiding Burnout. Hopefully I can help people in preventing what happened to me. And if I can help one person avoid a health collapse, it would be worth it.

Are you living up to your full potential? What regrets would you have if you died today?

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I am a champion for living your passion. Writing is my passion, my destiny and my calling. I am a mother of two beautiful daughters and a wife and live in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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