Scarcity or Abundance?

A few months ago I went to a dietitian in order to understand how I should be eating for increased energy. A secondary objective was to lose a little weight. She kindly put together a program of eating for me and an exercise regimen. The exercise she proposed was ‘vigorous exercise for 45 minutes, five days a week’.

Now, for someone who used to be an ultra marathon runner, that sounds really viable. But for someone recovering from stress-induced Graves’ disease, it’s impossible. I’m able to do a few twenty minute walks a week that are far from vigorous. I even tried to run a few down hills on one of those puny twenty minute walks and it set me back for weeks. My system is simply too weak to accommodate such exercise. And yes, I miss it and I feel pathetic but that’s where I am now and I have to accept that.


The eating plan was something from my version of a horror movie. ‘No more avo, no more than four strawberries, cut down on fruit, don’t snack on nuts.’ Seriously? For someone who eats really healthy and has already cut out caffeine, alcohol and carbonated drinks it was just too much. What struck me most was the philosophy of scarcity.

When I was running, I could simply eat whatever I wanted to eat, and I had no health complaints. My sinus improved, my digestive system was healthy and I had lots of energy. Now, each healing practitioner I visit tells me to take a bunch of different vitamins and supplements and to cut out more foods. It feels like the restrictions are strangling me. Not to mention the cost of all the supplements if I followed all of the advice.

I live by a sense of abundance. I believe that there is  more than enough opportunity for all of us. I believe that we are all filled with an abundance of talents and creativity. I live my life feeling that there is enough. Enough happiness and love in my live. Enough material things to keep us alive and thriving.

“The opposite of scarcity is enough” ~ Brené Brown

If I lived my life by a sense of scarcity, there would never be enough: money, love, happiness or opportunity. I don’t live by those rules. I choose abundance. And I’ll eat ten walnuts if I want to. And a whole avocado at once. I didn’t get sick by poor eating habits, I got sick from stress. So as long as I’m addressing that and eating a balanced healthy diet, I think that is enough.

I do really believe that we get what we focus on. If we focus on scarcity, that’s what we get. If we focus on abundance, our lives are overflowing with all that we need. Some might call me naive but I prefer the term optimist, and optimists live happier lives, I’m sure.

Where is your focus? Do you believe that you have enough?

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