Curiosity, not Passion?

Many of you may know that Elizabeth Gilbert is a great inspiration to me. I enjoy her because she is a great success but is so human and accepting of her own flaws. I strive to be like that too. Yes, both successful and accepting of my flaws.


It is so interesting to me that she changed her mind in advising people to follow their passion. Instead, she advises us to to follow our curiosity. Because finding a passion can be daunting and many of us, me included, feel like a failure not having found our passion by this stage of life.

I love this talk she gave about focusing on curiosity instead as a much less intimidating endeavor. And if you’re really lucky, by doing this you may encounter your passion by accident. Doesn’t help me much with my blog’s name and url but hey, what did I know going into this journey?

I’ve been toiling with how to make a living off my passion. After watching this talk and thinking about the concept of curiosity, I’m much less stressed about it. I have a love of learning and I really enjoy pursuing topics that are interesting to me. So perhaps I can be like the hummingbird with a bit of writing, a bit of speaking and a few other snippets. And in so doing, I cross pollinate ideas which may lead to something wonderful – for me and hopefully for others.

Along this vein, I keep thinking about Susan Jeffers and how she writes in Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway, that there are no wrong decisions, just different ones. She says that as long as we make the environment in which we find ourselves a learning one, we benefit. That helps me a lot in my current state of fear and anxiety.

I’ve received my first rejection letter from a publisher and although I was expecting it, I still found it difficult. It fuels the fear. But I’ve got the words of Susan and Elizabeth in my mind. I’ll pursue my passion of writing with focus and determination. But I’ll also be the hummingbird to sample a few things that may lead me somewhere wonderful.

“Curiosity is the truth and the way of creative living.” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert (Big Magic)

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