I have resisted visiting a dietitian and I have some surface reasons for it. Every person appears to have a different view on what is the best diet to follow so I go with moderation and healthy eating. You get the Banting or Paleo evangelists, which is so not suited to my household with little kids and a husband who is a veggie-hater. You also get those who tell you that fruit is bad and in my opinion that is completely insane. These are usually the same people who have junk food several times a week and think that they’re losing weight by reducing their fructose intake. Most of my life I have been lucky enough to just eat what I like and exercise. At the moment I am not exercising and since my thyroid was medically slowed down, I could lose a little bit around the middle.


I also have those under-the-surface reasons for not visiting a dietitian like the fact that I don’t want someone to tell me not to eat something I love, like chocolate. And sometimes when someone tells me not to do something, especially something I love doing, I feel a sudden urge to do more of it. But yesterday I relented and went to a dietitian.

I gave a brief medical history and then spoke about what I generally eat. Saying it out loud confirmed to me that I eat really well. I have even been a lot better with sugar lately apart from the lemon meringue pie that I baked on Sunday and had to eat singlehandedly. I told her that I’d like to lose a bit of weight and that I’d like to eat for increased energy, given my health condition.

She gave me a lot of feedback on what I should change and I do think it is viable. I need to eat breakfast earlier but I do have to skip the ever-so-decadent double thick yoghurt that I love so much. She told me to have more frequent meals and that is not such a bad thing for me. I’ll be like a hobbit with a second breakfast and a second lunch.

Then she took my measurements so that we can benchmark and to advise me on where I stand currently. Happily I’m not really considered overweight and only needing to lose a little bit for my clothes to fit comfortably. Considering my thyroid slowed down substantially, it could be much worse.

She encouraged me to do some moderate exercise and I know that I should be walking in the mornings. The weather is a deterrent as I’m not keen to put my immune system through the bitter cold. But what she did say is that I’d probably sleep better if I walk in the day and there is the added benefit of some vitamin D to be absorbed. I know that I do feel happier once I’m out there but it’s just getting out the door that’s challenging for me. There is no goal, no-one to meet and it is quite boring considering my penchant for the extreme. I have tried doing a few cycles on the exercise bike recently but I think cardio might just be a bit much right now.

I have started implementing her guidance today and although I did feel a little resistant I know that I’d like to get my body sorted out as soon as possible. I know myself well enough to know that I need external accountability in order to perform best towards goals. Knowing that she’ll be weighing and measuring me next week is a motivator and I’d like to minimise the number of times I visit her in order to save costs. So hopefully those factors will result in a thinner, leaner me in a few weeks’ time. Watch this space.

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