My visit last week to the integrated practitioner was an amazing breakthrough for me. I am so happy that I avoided the need to do the elimination diet. The process is very painful and long and I really didn’t want to do it. But I was also really stressed about what I’m not doing to ease the autoimmune response. Now I’m really clear on what to do and eat. I feel empowered.


I have my green smoothie in the morning full of healthy green foods, mostly picked from our garden. I have a bunch of medicines to take three times a day, including buffered vitamin C to shake those viruses that I have. I need a lot of sleep – more than I am getting now so that’s something to work on.

I’m clear on what foods to avoid. Although it isn’t great to avoid any foods at all, it is better to know. So I can now move forward and stop worrying about a lot of things that could be affecting me, but aren’t.

Over the past few months I have subscribed to a range of newsletters and blog posts about autoimmune illness, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, adrenal function etc. I needed exposure to all the aspects of my lifestyle that might need to change in order to heal. I really enjoyed learning about everything that could be affecting me. But I wasn’t equipped to narrow my focus on what actually affected my body until now.

I love to learn so I am at a bit of a loss after unsubscribing to so many lists. I certainly don’t want to spend all day and night focusing on illness. That can’t be good for me. But I find much of the advice redundant now. Not because I think I know everything but rather because I know what applies to me and how to fix it. So my inbox is empty and I’m afraid of my learning drying up.

So it’s time to switch focus on topics. I have a pile of books to get through and I want to ramp up the learning so that my brain feels stimulated while my body recovers. I want to focus more on my future and my career path now that I know what to do to heal my body. I know it might still take a while to recover to full strength, but there is not much I can do beyond that which I am doing already.


Yesterday I finished an online course I’ve been doing: The Science of Happiness. It feels good to have completed the course and achieved something concrete this year. I learnt a lot and I am applying the concepts into my life. I’m working on making my four year old more mindful because she’s very focused on what she doesn’t have and consequently she fails to enjoy the moment.  I am also wrapping up a meditation course I’ve been doing in the evenings and I can honestly say that it has had a dramatic effect on me.

I know that I will wither away if I stop learning and also if I stop being creative. I know that creativity can be a great healer, especially for a stress-induced condition. So I want to finish off the projects I’ve started and make things out of what I’ve bought. I want to write more and have some fun with mosaic, decoupage, zen tangle and anything else that crops up. I know that creativity will boost my happiness levels as I pull myself out of this slump.

I’ve completed my first speech at Toastmasters and signed up for the next one. There is more experiential learning and skills development that needs to happen there too and it’s an important part of my future.

It has been such a long road to recover from this illness. I’m at a place where I feel really empowered and that I’ve done all I can do to enhance my recovery. I know I have a tendency to push myself and I know that the setbacks are often due to that. But I also have to be true to my own nature and try to extract some value out of each experience. It’s a fine balance that I still need to get right.

I am also getting better at spotting the things that deplete me and now I need to come up with strategies to manage them. So hopefully from here I will experience fewer setbacks and more joy. Hopefully.

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