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Personal growth is such an important thing for me. Learning is ingrained in my DNA and is one of my top five strengths according to Gallup.


For those who don’t know, I suffered a burnout and I am still in recovery. My body buckled because I was too stubborn to give up. And I’m so grateful for what it has delivered for me. Without being able to work, or do much really, I’ve had to stay at home and to rest. I’ve filled my time with reading and research.

I’ve understood as much as I can about my health conditions and what lifestyle changes I’ve needed to make to support recovery. I’ve learnt about happiness and what the research-based studies show are the most effective happiness boosting strategies. I’ve learnt that support and self-care were dramatically lacking from my life. And I’ve implemented a great deal of that learning into my life in order to live the best life possible. Certainly, I’m still working on the career aspect but that’s always going to require ongoing work and refining.

I have endeavoured to heal myself on as many levels as possible:

  • Physical, by taking the prescribed medication, getting enough rest, making dietary changes as recommended by experts.
  • Emotional, with the help of a therapist, by unpacking my childhood and figuring out why I am the way I am.
  • Mental, letting my brain relax with meditation, creativity and fun.
  • Spiritual, by learning about the journey of my soul and collaborating to bring out the best in me.

The physical rest and the medication are important but by far I think the emotional and spiritual healing have had the most impact. The way I feel about myself now is completely different to how I felt going into this journey. Before my health collapsed I didn’t believe that I mattered and that’s why I put everyone else’s needs first. Now, through working with wonderful healers, I do believe that I matter and I will no longer do things that are not good for me, just to please others.

My illness has been a gift in that it facilitated a great deal of learning, mostly about myself. I feel far more in control of my destiny than ever before and I’m actively designing the life I’d like to lead. That’s so much better for me than passively accepting the things that come my way and finding out how to cope with them. Now, I’m in the driver’s seat of my own life. And of course there will be obstacles but at least I’m much more certain of who I am and what I want. And learning has been the key.

Not everyone is comfortable with the changes that have happened. Some of my friendships will fall away because we don’t see things the same way anymore. And it’s sad but there are new relationships to be forged. I know that I want to surround myself with people who support me, accept me and love me. I don’t have space for anyone who wants to hurt, criticise or judge me.  And I know that my life will be so much better in the future because I’m creating it myself, to meet my needs because for far too long, I lived to meet the needs of others.


I am so grateful for my strength of learning because it really helps me on my journey of personal growth. I want to move forward, to open my eyes to new opportunities, and to enjoy the magic of what unfolds when we stretch ourselves. Personally I think we start dying the day we stop growing.

Are you open to what magic lies within you, waiting for an opportunity to burst forth?

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