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Travel offers so many benefits. The chance to see different scenery, cultures and lifestyles. It offers perspective and the opportunity to step back from our own lives for a period. I travelled to four new places recently and they all offered me something different.

The Lake District in a England is so beautiful. Flower pots hang from every store front and pub. The flowers seem to be on steroids – thriving from plenty of water and the right amount of sunshine in summer. It reminded me of when we are at our best. In flow. Thriving.


We visited Dove Cottage where William Wordsworth lived for many years, writing much of his famous poetry. We also visited two attractions for Beatrix Potter, the author of many children’s books including The Tale of Peter Rabbit. It occurred to me how easy it would be to be inspired in such a beautiful place, and how important it is to spend time in an environment that makes you feel inspired.

Iceland was fascinating. So barren in many areas, with volcanic rock and black soil. It has natural wonders that are awe-inspiring. The people make use of nature’s resources to generate power in a way that leaves minimal or no environmental impact. We visited a waterfall with a story of a hero willing to sacrifice her life to save what is now a national treasure. We also visited the geysers that burst water into the air at intervals of around six minutes. People gasped at the joy of seeing the water shoot into the air. It left me with a sense of wonder for our beautiful planet.

We travelled to Scotland next and stayed in a community in Findhorn where the environment is respected and where you can feel the connection to the divine. The way the residents live in harmony with nature, creating masterful structures and systems is truly inspiring. I was able to attend group meditations and to learn about community initiatives. I felt envious of the children who grow up there, in that they live in an environment of acceptance, love and harmony. I felt such a sense of peace and harmony, knowing that there is a force greater than ourselves, offering us guidance if we’re open to it.

On the way home we stayed in Dubai for a few nights. The stark contrast of the desert with the lush greenery of Scotland was dramatic. It also felt barren, as Iceland felt, but on the other extreme. The heat is oppressive and there is little water available. And yet the people have built an impressive city including the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. I was reminded that humans can overcome great obstacles to create what once felt impossible.

The first 300 copies of my book arrived at my house the day I flew out for this trip. I could not decide whether it was good or bad timing. I’ve waited so long for this book to be ready that I wanted to get it out into the world. But perhaps I needed a holiday before I launch into my new phase of marketing my book. Perhaps I needed to step back and to absorb the inspiration from nature and from human feats before I start my new chapter. I feel so incredibly blessed and lucky that I have found my passion, I’ve started my career as a published author and that I have so much to look forward to.


The Lake District flourishes and provides beauty and inspiration to anyone who is open to it. Iceland is covered in snow and ice for most of the year, yet the locals have used natural resources to create industry. The founder of the Findhorn Foundation followed the guidance she received and built something incredible from a simple piece of land. The bustling city of Dubai was created out of a desert.

Are you listening to the whispers of inspiration you receive? What will you create out of nothing?

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