The Journey is Important Too

I haven’t written this blog in almost a month and I’m sorry to let you down. Sometimes I worry about what to write as life is so ‘normal’ now. I exercise regularly, I work a full day and I have enough energy to look after my family. I don’t ever want to take it for granted and I want to celebrate just how amazing it is that I can live a normal life.


I’ve been thinking back to how things were when I first withdrew from work to recover from my burnout. I didn’t know what was happening at the time and if I’d known, I would have been devastated that it would take three years to recover. Something that I’ve realized is that the journey wasn’t all bad.

It’s not great to be unable to earn income for three years. It was hard not to be the kind of wife and mother I wanted to be. There was a lot of grappling with who I am and what I’m supposed to do with my life. There was suffering and struggle and I wouldn’t wish the process on anyone. But it was an important period in my life.

In this time I fell in love with positive psychology. Not being able to do much, I was able to read and I read about 30 books on the science of happiness and related concepts. I learnt how to convert my life from an unhappy one into one filled with joy. I read the theory and I practiced each concept in my own life. I kept the ones that resonated and abandoned the ones that didn’t. But I emerged a much happier and more fulfilled person.

I also wrote my book, Avoiding Burnout, during this time. In knowing that I had to align my work with flow, I discovered the joy that writing brought me. I immersed myself into writing this blog and the book. I delivered something I can be proud of. It was only the beginning and now I am working on my next book, Healing Burnout.

I worked on my public speaking and I joined Toastmasters to improve my speaking skills. I met some amazing people and was able to grow as a speaker in such a supportive environment. This week I’m achieving my advanced (bronze) status as a Toastmaster and I’m so pleased to reach this milestone. I didn’t expect for my speaking to feed my writing and my writing to feed my speaking. I’ve spoken at many events in the past few months and I’m so enjoying spreading my message and meeting interesting people.

I now write for an online human capital publication, called Talent Talks. I write regularly and I enjoy having the deadline and producing work on a regular basis. I have made a roster for myself to deliver articles for LinkedIn and social media posts to promote my book and my speaking.

I now have a publicist who should start promoting my book very soon. I have a distributor who is busy spreading my book to all local book stores. I have ensured my eBook is available on Amazon and other online retailers. My paperback is also available on Amazon in many countries.

I am now printing a second edition of my book since I’m running very low on stock. I’ve worked hard to get my website to a place where it is functioning and to facilitate the purchase of my book for local readers. I’ve received wonderful reviews on my book and I’m making difference in people’s lives. I’ve inspired people to work on their happiness, to follow their dreams and to live a better life.

Promoting myself and my book is hard work. I enjoy it and I love targeting new audiences and expanding my reach. I’m doing a lot of networking and that is highly rewarding. After spending years recovering on my own at home, it’s such a treat to be able to connect with others and to be well enough to attend meetings.

Recently, I’ve registered a company so that I can invoice as a business and formalize my offerings. I’ve worked on my brand and I have beautiful branded bags and aromadough to offer with my gorgeous logo (the phoenix, of course) on the front. I’ve had such fun putting these things together and I’m so geared up for exposure and sales that the publicity should bring.

Sometimes I get despondent that I’m working so hard and the revenue is not following. It takes a tremendous amount of perseverance and hard work to make a new business and brand successful. It’s a good thing that my top signature strength is perseverance! I know that I’m effectively a start up. I’m now transforming from an author into a business owner. A few years ago I didn’t think I’d ever be a business owner again after the bad experience I had previously. But here I am, ready to take the world by storm.

Starting something new and reinventing yourself takes time and it takes courage. I’m completely sure that this is the right path for me and that I’m doing all the right things. It’s sometimes hard to retain this strong conviction in the face of the naysayers but I’m forging ahead and I’m confident that I’ve done all that I can do towards living my best life possible.


We are often in such a hurry to get to the destination. To be an expert speaker. To be a best selling author. But there are such gems along the way that it’s a shame to miss them. Today I’m celebrating the special journey of recovery and how many wonderful experiences I had and the opportunities for learning along the way.

I know it sounds like a big cliché but the journey is so important. It’s vital for us to remember that the destination is an illusion. There are goals to strive for, but as soon as we get there, we make bigger and scarier goals. This is of course a great thing to do and we gain much hope and happiness from intrinsic goals. However, the growth along the way, the journey, is where the magic happens.

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I am a champion for living your passion. Writing is my passion, my destiny and my calling. I am a mother of two beautiful daughters and a wife and live in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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