Hooray, my Leaky Gut is Healed!

Yesterday I went to see my functional practitioner for a check up, now with a frequency of three-monthly. Functional medicine aims to treat the individual and to create homeostasis, or balance in the body. I believe it to be the future of medicine, due to the uniqueness of each of us, our lifestyles, histories and illnesses. My thyroid disease is not the same as other people’s thyroid disease and my burnout presented differently too.

For the past week I have had a cold, which is not so great for anyone with autoimmune disease. The immune system becomes reactive and can trigger worse symptoms. I was hoping to see a lot of improvement in my thyroid and adrenal health but I was worried about the effect the cold would have on the results. Happily, my results were amazing. My thyroid function is still healthy and my adrenal health is now normal. I only had a small indication that the Influenza A virus is in my system.


The other great news is that my food sensitivities are gone, which means that my leaky gut is healed. Intestinal permeability, or ‘leaky gut’ is a consequence and a cause of autoimmune disease. It played a part in me becoming ill and it aggravated my condition. Fortunately, my healthcare providers recommended lifestyle changes such as eliminating gluten from my diet, along with the reactive foods and focusing on healing. I make bone broths, I eat a green smoothie every day and I completely eliminated gluten and most dairy from my diet in order to recover.

I can now have milk, yoghurt, all cheese, cream and ice cream again! I’m really thrilled as it has been difficult to cut out so much dairy, on top of the gluten. As soon as I get rid of this cold, I’m having a cappuccino. Ah, I can’t wait. It has been several years since I’ve been able to enjoy a simple cappuccino. It’s those small joys that make life so rich. And it’s hard to explain to someone what life is like having such a restricted diet. I have to chuckle when I’m invited to a cheese and wine event. I can’t have alcohol due to its effect on my adrenals, no gluten so the crackers are out, and I wasn’t able to have cheese – until now, of course!

I have worked extremely hard to change my lifestyle, diet, sleeping habits and more in order to heal, not only from leaky gut but from my burnout too. I am so happy to see that my health is coming right. I will always have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis but my thyroid is working and I don’t require any medication for it. I’m hoping that I can stop the medication for my adrenal glands when I visit my endocrinologist next month. I’m also really excited to see how low my antibodies (which measure the autoimmune attack) have dropped since I have been taking such good care of myself.


I think it’s so important to celebrate these happy moments. The recovery has been very long and slow, filled with frustration and a fair amount of sulking. But I am so happy to see that persevering and being kind to my body have really paid off. My leaky gut is gone and if I continue to stay off gluten, it shouldn’t come back. I won’t go crazy eating ice cream for breakfast but I think I’ve earned a weekly cappuccino.

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