My Quest is lost on those closest to me

I am on a quest. A quest to help people to see that their lives and jobs don’t have to be miserable. It is possible to build a happy life, on purpose, with effort. I know because I did it myself. I suffered a burnout, from which I’ve been recovering for three years.

I didn’t just take the drugs and carry on doing all the same things, in the same relationships, eating the same foods and expecting miracles. I also didn’t just resign myself to being sick for the rest of my life. I analysed my life in all the areas that contributed towards my stress. Burnout didn’t happen just from one event or person, it took years to develop and the stress came from multiple sources.

I fixed my life actively. It wasn’t a mistake or luck. I worked at it and I still do, every day. I connected with the work that brings me flow and I turned it into a career. I ended relationships that were toxic. I altered those that weren’t working for me. I strengthened the relationships that I wanted to keep. This work was probably the hardest part but made a significant difference.


I changed my diet, I sought out help from a variety of doctors and spiritual healers. I worked on my mind, my body and my soul. And it wasn’t in a perfect sequence or structured manner, but the benefits have been amazing. I was able to recover in a relatively short time and I could start functioning in society again. This year I’ve published my book, Avoiding Burnout. I launched my book and I’ve sold a respectable amount by the end of the year.

The book is not the end, it’s the beginning. It’s the foundation of everything to come. I am launching workshops, talks, a deck of cards and a variety of other initiatives next year. I’m excited about this work that doesn’t feel like work. I love how I spend my days and I am so eager to spread my message to the world. I want others to learn what I have learnt: that it’s possible to live your best life. This is my quest.

And yet it seems that those closest to me are so removed from my quest and my message. My family members are so miserable that I’m convinced they are seriously depressed. It’s so obvious to me that we create our lives. Our lives are exactly as they are because that’s what we made. We can’t blame our spouse, the economy or our parents for ruining our lives. Why would we give others so much control over our lives? That leaves us feeling powerless which is never a good thing.

Sometimes it’s subconscious and we have limiting beliefs that result in recurring behaviors. I noticed the patterns in my life and I took accountability for them. I realized that I was creating situations from my own beliefs and behaviors. And then I did some work on myself to address these beliefs and behaviors. I sought out the right people with the gifts to support me in my growth and healing but it was still up to me.


In many ways it breaks my heart that my family haven’t learnt from my mistakes. It makes me doubt my effectiveness as a guide towards a better life, that I can’t influence those closest to me. I hate to see those I love going down such unproductive and unhappy paths. But personal growth can only be achieved if one is open to it. I cannot be of service to them if they are not ready and open to it.

How open are you to personal growth, to altering unproductive patterns in your life and to building a life you love?

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I am a champion for living your passion. Writing is my passion, my destiny and my calling. I am a mother of two beautiful daughters and a wife and live in Johannesburg, South Africa.


  1. I am learning from you and working on getting myself back into joyful living. This struggle has a grip which is quite a challenge. Thank you for your writings. You show me there is a path, it is a personal path for each of us, and I can find it and will make my way.

    1. Thank you Gail for being brave enough to make changes to your life. It is not easy but more than worth the effort! Keep going and I wish you courage with the changes you’re making.

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