Reconciling the Spiritual and the Business

I keep having this thought that there is friction between following a spiritual path and living in the real world. For me, it presents itself where I am at the moment in my career and my life. I’ve just published my first book as an independent author and I’m busy with sales and marketing. I’m having trouble reconciling my destiny with the everyday aspects of a business.

One of the most important things I did on my recovery from burnout was to change careers. It was clear that my previous job and environment weren’t doing me any good so I needed a new job. It took me some time but I eventually figured out that writing was it. I wrote my book about what brought me to burnout and what I did about it. A key learning was to connect with what I’m good at and what I enjoy doing. Key signposts that I’m on the right path are when I’m feeling light and joyful. I’m following my divine calling to do what I believe I’m here to do.


Things were simple when I was connecting with my divine purpose in the solitude of my sanctuary. But now, I’m out into the world, working on marketing, my website, doing talks and selling my book. I’m encountering a lot of feedback about my book. People are telling me what they like, what they think I should have done differently and what I should do next. I love that I get to engage with the world and that my story is having an impact on people. I am always open to learning so that I can keep improving in my craft and work those improvements into my next book.

I keep wanting to respond to people who have advice on what I should have done, that I did what I felt was needed and what felt right. That doesn’t sound like it comes from a very rational place. It doesn’t. To get better I had to surrender to something greater than myself, let go of my inner critic and all the advice around me and do what resonates with me most. It’s quite hard to defend those decisions but I didn’t feel that I had much choice in the matter.

I’ve done the work for the foundation of my career in getting the book out but it doesn’t stop there. I’m arranging for my book launch, working on my website and doing some networking. I need to spread this message as far as I can because that’s what I’m here for. It’s not only the need to generate income from this investment I’ve made but it’s also about fulfilling my destiny. I don’t believe it’s enough that I create the book and spend the rest of my time meditating to allow the universe to deliver. I actually have to hustle to get the work done and not everything feels light and joyful all the time. This is quite confusing for me and leads to a lot of doubt.

For the first time, I have other people poking their noses into the work. And yes, I’ve invited them in to help me with various aspects of this new venture. But it’s tricky for me to discern which pockets of advice are useful and are aligned with my path. They won’t all be beneficial and I’m needing to return to my compass to figure out if this is really good for me and my task. I’m also being told to work on the next book as soon as possible. But I have other plans in that I’m working on my deck of cards and that brings me joy right now.


The path to success and happiness is not simple and clear. It’s full of obstacles and some blessings disguised as obstacles. It’s hard work to follow your passion, to stay true to your purpose and to keep moving towards the future you envision. But I’m not giving up on this dream of mine. I’m stronger than I have been in years and I’m closer to the future I desire than I have ever been. I’m just going to focus on the next right step in front of me and to let rest unfold as it will.

What steps are you taking towards a better life?

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