Refining my Key Offerings

Lately, things are going really well with my work. It has taken me a long time to be comfortable in seeing what I do as work and I think many others don’t truly see it that way. But I carry on, regardless, because it makes sense to me.

My job right now is to write my second book, Mastering Stress. I’m writing it in an agile way, releasing a chapter a month to my beta audience. I get wonderful feedback and incorporate that back into the book. I’m also doing interviews to learn from people how they manage stress and to get a window into people’s lives.

Refining my book, Mastering Stress

The other things that keep me busy are writing blog posts for FutureFemales which I really enjoy, preparing a training course for Udemy on mastering stress, speeches to audiences who want to learn about managing their stress better, and holding workshops to practice these tools.

I am the master of my destiny in many ways because I can choose when I want to work on each component and I can schedule my meetings around my deadlines. April, however, seemed very strained as I went away for eight days, had to support my oldest daughter with an onerous therapy that lasted thirteen days and had a lot of things to deliver. In one week I had to prepare for my first Dealing with Stress workshop and release a chapter. Having my children home for the school holidays made it difficult to focus on my work, with many interruptions and social engagements.

I was stressed to deliver a lot in a short time and I could feel it in my body. Since I have learnt so much about stress lately and have changed my mindset to be a much more positive one, I understood that this stress was healthy. I acknowledged that I was feeling stretched and that it was because I cared about everything I was involved in. I want to serve my customers well, keep my word and be an engaged parent. I realized that I was feeling the challenge response, the stress response that pushes us to deliver and makes us feel pumped and energized.

The good news is that I got everything done. I sent my chapter out on time and met my commitment. I delivered my workshop with confidence and figured out how to tweak it for next time. My daughter and I got through the therapy and we are waiting for the impacts to integrate. I pushed myself and since going through my burnout, I am aware that I need to take time to relax and rest. I thought I would spend the first week of May refining my workshop to prepare one version for companies for a full day and improve the half day one for individuals. That’s what this past week was supposed to be.

And then, on Monday I received the opportunity to do a speech on Friday. I could not pass up an opportunity to share my message and to practice my speaking. So I embraced the challenge and pushed forward. I developed a 40-minute keynote speech and practiced it in between my other work. The speech went so well and I’m very happy with the content and the message. This coming week has very few appointments and I’m excited to spend it refining my workshop and my keynote. Unless, of course, I get some great opportunity…

Refining my keynote speech

Last year I held my first workshop on knowing yourself. It was inspired by the first of my seven principles of self-preservation from my first book, Avoiding Burnout. There were very few participants and although it went well and they loved it, I could not help but feel like a failure. Something was just not right. And yet this year, I had the same number of participants and I feel so inspired. I feel that this is the right workshop and I want to take this forward to spread my message to as many people as I can. My keynote also feels right. I am so keen to spend time refining these and to take them to the world.

I’m not sure what’s changed to make me feel so sure of my direction now. Of course, I continue my many different types of personal growth and perhaps I’ve unlocked something that was blocking my clarity or success. Also, it takes time to dabble and to test things out. When this is happening, we don’t feel successful and we get frustrated and want to quit. But I think this is a necessary part of figuring out our path. I experimented with many talks and ideas about workshops and they didn’t feel right. I have come to a place where I’m content to promote these offerings and to charge my customers for them.

I’m really excited about refining my key offerings and I feel like I’m on the precipice of success with this new career. I love writing and will always see myself as a writer but I also enjoy engaging with people in workshops and talks so this all blends well into my desire to guide people towards their best lives possible.

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