My health has been deteriorating lately and it’s evident in how I feel and the blood test results. I’ve been doing so well up until now, and I’ve been coping with going out more and juggling more. So this setback comes as a huge disappointment, knowing that my recovery has already taken so long.

I saw an integrated medical practitioner this week and it brought me a huge sense of relief. An integrated practitioner is someone who looks at overall health and tries to prevent health problems before they become serious. They work with diet and lifestyle as well as with medication and ensure that everything is working well together.

I have done a lot of research online and have watched and listened to videos, summits and podcasts as well as reading blog posts, articles and newsletters on thyroid and adrenal health. I’ve accumulated a great deal of knowledge in terms of appropriate lifestyle changes to make and ideas for dietary changes. The bottom line is that there is no cure for most chronic illnesses so pills are not the full answer. I take all the medication prescribed but that’s only a tiny part of being well in my view. But I didn’t know which changes were needed for me in particular.

I’ve learnt that many people with thyroid disease have parasites in their intestines and/or viruses which disrupt the hormones in the body. None of my doctors to date have screened for this so it was comforting to have some insight into what was happening in my body. I have no parasites but I do have three active viruses having an ongoing battle with my immune system. The doctor gave me some buffered vitamin C to combat these and it’s just what I needed I think.

I have written before about the effects of gluten on autoimmune thyroid disease and autoimmune conditions in general. So keeping off gluten was a no-brainer. But I’ve also heard that many people need to eliminate all dairy, all grains, soy and legumes in addition to gluten. Many people go on the elimination diet to figure out what allergies they have by process of elimination. It’s a long and difficult thing to do, especially if you have a veggie-hating husband and fussy small children. So I was quite stressed about having to undergo such a process on top of my existing dietary changes. I already live without gluten, alcohol and caffeine which, alone would be unthinkable for some people.

Thankfully the integrated practitioner was able to show me exactly what products I have an allergy to. So I only need to avoid yellow cheese, cow’s milk and yoghurt in addition to those mentioned already. That brought me a lot of relief. I’m not a big dairy fan anyway so that was not the end of the world. And I don’t have to eliminate a bunch of other foods when there’s no need. Phew!


So now I can live my life happily, knowing exactly what MY body wants and needs. I can heal my digestive system and allow my body to stop attacking itself.

I’m aware also that getting more and more despondent was not good for me. I was slipping into a very negative space where I felt that I could just never get well and I know that it wasn’t serving me. It’s hard to break out of it at times like that. And I kept thinking I must be kind to myself and not get bogged down with things like admin because I know that admin is not good for me.

But I didn’t know what to do so I thought I’d clear out my crazy inbox full of newsletters on illness and health, and unsubscribe to the ones I found were not applicable anymore. I captured a few expenses and did a few small things that had been bothering me. And to my surprise, I felt better. Sometimes we avoid the horrible stuff because we’re scared it will make us feel worse but clearing the clutter actually helped a lot.


Even though I’m not on top form, tonight I am doing my first formal prepared speech at Toastmasters. They call it the ice breaker and you have to talk about yourself. Not too difficult I think. Hold thumbs for me as I embark on an exercise to hone skills needed for my new career path and hopefully I don’t need too much recovery time in the next few days.

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